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Benefits of Long Only

Your separately managed accounts will be continuously monitored and adjusted as the economic environment changes.

Big River will at times take an activist role to protect and improve your investments.

When you hire a money manager, you save time and energy. 

When an Investment Advisor hires a money manager, it allows the Investment Advisors to focus on solving problems for clients and growing their business.

Benefits of Long Short

Your separately managed accounts will hold positions on both the long and short side of the market.

Your accounts will be actively managed in an effort to stay at the forefront of continuously changing global business conditions.

Big River is able deploy alternative investment strategies such as margin leverage, concentration, short selling and active trading.

The strategies deployed by Big River can be risky if applied generally, however, an understanding and acceptance of certain risks can potentially enhance risk-adjusted performance. 

Benefits of Separately Managed Accounts

You own and control the account. 

The assets are in your own name (or your client's name), and you control all movement of money.

You are only giving Big River trading authority, therefore your primary risk for evaluation is investment risk.

When you eliminate all lack of transparency by using a managed account, you greatly reduce external risks. 

You have immediate liquidity terms with easy access to your money.

You pay substantially less in fees than you would pay to a typical hedge fund manager deploying similar strategies.